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Since you too exist here; You never know who exists where else!
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baby hyb.jpg
Hybrid Kid2569 viewsThis is a hybrid baby being kept in area 51 Top secret zone
Half Alien, Half Human2537 viewsThe father of this girl is an alien, the mother is a normal human!
World's shortest Man2444 viewsDNA is something funny, you can develop characters from more than 1000 years back which your ancestors had.
This short man has characters of a Non-Known DNA, even though his father and mother are known, it means back in their family they once had a hybrid, and it's genetics became active again in this Man.

He is 28 years old, at a shoe size.
Alien Baby2439 viewsIn the 1940s a lady was abducted by aliens, she told people, no one believed her, then she noticed that she was pregnant, to give birth, she gave birth to a hybrid.
The Most Scary & Weired UFO2199 viewsThis UFO was pictured in Norway, that isn't the moon, and that light, no one can explain it. Aliens show up in different parts of the world everyday. This piture hit UK news on top line.
Ufo crashes in Viet1815 viewsThis Ufo at speeds over 1100km/h hit the ground and broke apart into thousands of fragments. In the above picture are some of the pieces in materials not known to Man-Kind.
You can see the country's officials examining them!
Submitted By UIAA Member1776 viewsA UIAA Member took this picture with his phone, something was next to the sun Eclipse which occured on the 5th/Feb/2010, taken from here in Uganda
cloud ufo.jpg
UFo in Moscow1759 viewsThis is the most advanced UFO we have ever seen here on earth, it could simulate a cloud and you think it is a cloud but when it is an alien aircraft/UFO (Unidentified flying object)
ufo texas.jpg
UFO in Texas1672 viewsThis UFO has a video, it was captured day time flying over Texas, it appeared for 3min, then within 2 sec it vanished in the horizon using high speeds
uganda ufo.jpg
Ufo seen in Kampala Areas on 1/Dec/20091567 viewsA UFo was sighted in Kampala areas, seen by some members from our Alien Associations in Uganda who called the Association lecturer, he saw it and took this picture
Alien hit a Wind Turbin1473 viewsThis is the news from UK, an alien aircraft ran into a wind turbine, broke off one blade and vanished with it.
london ufo.jpg
UFO sighted in London1443 viewsA Ufo was sighted in London by hundreds, this UFO had a very weired glow colour, this is the image taken by one of the witnesses.
UFO in Orlando1351 viewsThis UFO or alien aircraft was sighted in Orlando/U.S.A
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