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Since you too exist here; You never know who exists where else!
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Alien In Topsecret Religious ConnectionsПогледана 4180 путаDear members, for respect of our religions, we will not post details on this picture; just view it, that's it. There is much out there, many will think that this picture is fake, "They are running away from them own selves" That's all!
Submitted By UIAA MemberПогледана 1781 путаA UIAA Member took this picture with his phone, something was next to the sun Eclipse which occured on the 5th/Feb/2010, taken from here in Uganda
uganda ufo.jpg
Ufo seen in Kampala Areas on 1/Dec/2009Погледана 1568 путаA UFo was sighted in Kampala areas, seen by some members from our Alien Associations in Uganda who called the Association lecturer, he saw it and took this picture
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