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aliens twins.jpg
Twin Aliens3735 viewsThese are twin aliens who were captured in 1999 currently in Area 51, for a start they thought they were kid aliens, but up to today, they look the same, no growth!!
A Roswell Type Alien in Area 514570 viewsThis lady is a full alien, this is the same specie killed in Mitiyana on Aug/13/2006 with a diffrence in colour texture, this is the same specie that crashed in Roswell New Mexico in 1947.

This is a professional picture obtained from Area 51
baby hyb.jpg
Hybrid Kid2573 viewsThis is a hybrid baby being kept in area 51 Top secret zone
Copy of dead_alien_picture_5.jpg
Mexcan Pauses with an alien skull4467 viewsA Mexican was so proud to recover an alien skull from his backyard that he decided to pause for a picture with it. Later he was arrested and released, skull is in Area 51
Alien dead in Area 514169 viewsThis picture was of an alien who had just died after his UFO/aircraft lost control and hit the ground.

This picture was taken in area 51
uganda ufo.jpg
Ufo seen in Kampala Areas on 1/Dec/20091568 viewsA UFo was sighted in Kampala areas, seen by some members from our Alien Associations in Uganda who called the Association lecturer, he saw it and took this picture
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