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Evidence beyond beliefПросмотров: 3966The technology involved to bend these trees in full growth format, isn't earthly technology. This type of technology we believe is alien technology.

UFOs are common here
Окт 11, 2011
Alien Skull in ZimbabweПросмотров: 4161Another alien skull was recovered in Zimbabwe, Ladies and gentlemen, we may not be satain how long aliens where on our globe, but today we're dang sure they existed on this planet before us.Май 17, 2010
Adolf hitler With A Real AlienПросмотров: 7307This is a real picture of adolf Hitler greeting a real Alien. Hitler delt with people from other worlds or planets, believe or not believe, you don't change reality; This is reality ladies and gentlemen.

This picture was donated by an 90 year old German man who was on Hitler's High command. This picture isn't computer alternated, it is real!
Март 17, 2010
Spark Plug Older Than Time Man Has Spent On EarthПросмотров: 4400 Wallace Lane, Virginia Maxey and Mike Mikesell found a rock, among many others, that they thought was a geode - a good addition for their gem shop. Upon cutting it open, however, Mikesell found an object inside that seemed to be made of white porcelain. In the center was a shaft of shiny metal. Experts estimated that it should have taken about 500,000 years for this fossil-encrusted nodule to form, yet the object inside was obviously of sophisticated human manufacture. Further investigation revealed that the porcelain was surround by a hexagonal casing, and an x-ray revealed a tiny spring at one end. Some who have examined the evidence say it looks very much like a modern-day spark plug. How did it get inside a 500,000-year-old rock?Март 03, 2010
Alien Creatures That have stayed 1000s of yearsПросмотров: 4135If you see much with your own eyes, you will loose meaning of life. This creature has DNA which is older than Human DNA, meaning this creature existed first on earth before we humans existed, the most intriguing part, this creature has Alien-like DNA. Where did the specie of this type of creature originate from 1000s of years back? We all can't tell but it's surly not from around here because all animals on earth have similar earthly DNA structures. Фев 10, 2010
Alien Evidence in PyramidПросмотров: 3960This is a picturer drawn in days of BC in one of the Egyptian pyramids, this is a clearer picture. It implies that hundreds of years back; thousands of years back to say, aliens were part of our daily lives, you can see clearly that people used to leave with theses people from other worlds and viewed them normally. What led them to leave us; we don't know!Янв 17, 2010
Man taken by aliens for 12 yearsПросмотров: 4503This man was taken by aliens when he had cancer, no one knew that he was taken by aliens, after 12 years they brought him back when he was healed, but he the weather on their planet caused him to grow hair on his entire body. Aliens healed his cancer but the enviroment changed his body, even if he shaves off the fur, it comes back on his entire body just as you see him. His alive today because of aliens, however we're sorry for him that the environment on alien world damaged his body hair growth.Дек 18, 2009
Alien in Egyptian PyramidПросмотров: 4233This alien was recovered from an Egyptian pyramid. This is hard evidence that Aliens leaved once in Egypt and they were royal. It was buried next to a pharaoh. Дек 18, 2009
U.S Military official with Alien in WWIIПросмотров: 3606This picture is of U.S. militants greeting an alien in World war two, we believe after these aliens temporarily abandoned Hitler, they joined Americans, these is an allusion, however bottom line, American Militants were greeting an aliens for reasons beyond our prediction. Дек 09, 2009
A Roswell Type Alien in Area 51Просмотров: 4582This lady is a full alien, this is the same specie killed in Mitiyana on Aug/13/2006 with a diffrence in colour texture, this is the same specie that crashed in Roswell New Mexico in 1947.

This is a professional picture obtained from Area 51
Дек 09, 2009
Adolf Hitler AliveПросмотров: 8376This picture is FBI certified that it is for Adolf Hitler, his now almost 119 years old but look at him, he looks 65years. Aliens must have installed an Age Proof Implant in him because his looks today don't match his years.
As of now the FBI launched an official haunt to find him. It is believed he had a hand in the Sep-11 attachs in U.S. This man is superior because he deals with aliens and U.S. stands 1% chances out of 100 to arrest him, his advanced! These are facts, not ringtones
Дек 09, 2009
Aristotle the first mathematicianПросмотров: 4072This is a picture of the first mathematician in the world taken with an alien in art form, numbers have been digitally written in this picture, however the original one from Washington Library has no numbers in it. It was done for copyright reasons.
This picture means aliens taught the first mathematician math, they gave him to formulas. Math is alien technology, the figures we write meaning 1, 2, 3, etc.. are alien symbols, one who disbelieves is simply running away from reality. Who invented numbers?
Дек 09, 2009
Poor AlienПросмотров: 4479This is one of the most touching stories, this alien crashed in North America, it's UFO came down/Aircraft. they rescued it, took it to the hospital, it cried, it though we were going to kill it, it cried, and knelt down as a sign that we humans spare it. No one killed it but it died after 5 days due to internal injuries. Дек 04, 2009
An alien FetusПросмотров: 5007This is an alien fetus taken out of an American lady in Georgia in 2009, she was taken by aliens for a full year, then she appeared back after a year in same clothes, she was found in her bed sleeping and she never noticed she went missing for a year; however she claimed she dreamt aliens. She never knew that this wasn't a dream, it was reality, a month later she noticed her periods were missing, that's when she knew about the pregnancy. Дек 04, 2009
Mars FaceПросмотров: 4400The people who used to leave on planet Mars made this giant face structure on this planet as a sign that they're people leaving on it, however people who leaved on Mars became extinctДек 03, 2009
Alien MathПросмотров: 3966This is a type of Math formular which aliens used to have in operation while they were still around on Earth.
This wall is over 2800 years old
Дек 03, 2009
Alien skull from SudanПросмотров: 4091This alien skull was recovered from Sudan last yearДек 02, 2009
1930 alien.jpg
ALien in 1923Просмотров: 3643This picture was taken in 1923 of an alien with U.S> militants hwen they had dressed itДек 02, 2009
Alien treesПросмотров: 4294These picture was recovered from a dead alien, the picture was on a material not known to us, we believe this picture is from another worldДек 02, 2009
Picture of Aliens with people in Egyptian pyramidПросмотров: 4503This picture is inside an Egyptian pyramid, it shows evidence that in AD aliens were part of our daily livesДек 02, 2009
Mars first recovered skullПросмотров: 4230This is a picture of the first skull that was recovered on mars planetДек 02, 2009
A human Skull on MarsПросмотров: 6016Here is a human skull the rover recovered on planet mars as evidence that mars once had life on it.Дек 02, 2009
Pyramid On MarsПросмотров: 5599This is a picture taken by the Rover of a pyramid which is on Mars as evidence that Mars once had people and a civilization.
The amazing part is, even us here on earth we have pyramids, it implies people on Mars had a connection with our earthly civilizations
Дек 02, 2009
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