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Specie Never Seen Before4577 viewsThis alien specie has never been seen here on Earth before or no one had ever described a similar identification that would match this alien.
We had 22 known alien species, now we have 23 known alien species, this one was shot twice in the head from diffrent side,it had done nothing, just because it had diffrent looks. It was killed in a small Island closest to Jameicah
Jul 19, 2010
Preserved Alien In U.S4463 viewsThe same type of alien specie crashed in China, in 2007 another crashed in Atlantic Ocean, no one knows what caused it's craft to crash, this one looks exactly like the Alien who crashed in China, however this one is in the U.S, they're of the same specie.Feb 23, 2010
Alien who crashed in China4233 viewsThis is the picture of the one of the aliens who crash landed there aircraft in China and died instantly. A doctor was examining the body.Feb 23, 2010
A Very Weired Type Of Alien People4883 viewsThis alien was hit to death by residents of Peru, it is about 2ft tall, and in the picture you can both see when it had just been killed, and after it had decayed when the skull/skeleton is visibleFeb 23, 2010
5062 views Earthly Dog Mixed With Alien Persons
Some think think this dog is funny, this isn't a dog, it is an alien mixed with a dog. This Dog is the most human like dog structure-wise and intelligent at a pace of a human, well no one talks about it that much, however facts are facts folks, lets quit hidding away from the truth constantly. The weired part is it still produced Alien hybrids of it's kind, don't know how it happened!

This Dog is American!
Jan 15, 2010
Earthly Dog Mixed With Alien Persons4659 viewsSome think think this dog is funny, this isn't a dog, it is an alien mixed with a dog. This Dog is the most intelligent dog in the world, more intelligent than we humans, well no one talks about it that much, however facts are facts folks, lets quit hidding away from the truth constantly.

This Dog is American!
Jan 15, 2010
5467 viewsa type of human lizardish skeleton recovered from India a size of a finger
this implies that on earth lived different human species from origins we cannot establish
so in simple terms this is a skeleton of a type of alien

Dec 29, 2009
A Cow produces a hybrid in India4650 viewsAliens a conducting experiments all over the world, this cow in India produced an Alien Hybrid in 2008.Dec 19, 2009
Alien dead in Area 514204 viewsThis picture was of an alien who had just died after his UFO/aircraft lost control and hit the ground.

This picture was taken in area 51
Dec 18, 2009
Alien Arrested By American Secret Service4723 viewsIf is believed by some that President JF Kennedy's death was caused by this alien, he wanted to tell America that they had a person from another world. Some militants in the U.S Army tried to stop the president from announcing because of security reasons and interests by some Generals. He insisted, that is why he was killed, he wanted to tell the world the truth, which was the right thing to do but they killed him before he did. In this picture you can see the alien they arrested during Kennedy's days!Dec 18, 2009
Alien In Topsecret Religious Connections4203 viewsDear members, for respect of our religions, we will not post details on this picture; just view it, that's it. There is much out there, many will think that this picture is fake, "They are running away from them own selves" That's all!Dec 14, 2009
alien autopsy.jpg
Roswell Alien 19454125 viewsThis is the Alien who crashed in Roswell New-Mexico in 1947, At UIAA we have a video of this alien; A real Non fiction video, for details please call +256775171881Dec 03, 2009
Alien Fetus3638 viewsThis fetus was removed from a lady in Uruguay when it was 4months oldDec 02, 2009
Alien From Ancient Days3854 viewsThis is an alien who has been preserved for hundreds of years, lizardish alienDec 01, 2009
Dead Alien3588 viewsThis is another angle of a picture taken from the Chinese dead alien who is now a tourist attractionDec 01, 2009
Copy of dead_alien_picture_5.jpg
Mexcan Pauses with an alien skull4478 viewsA Mexican was so proud to recover an alien skull from his backyard that he decided to pause for a picture with it. Later he was arrested and released, skull is in Area 51Dec 01, 2009
Alien crashed in his aircraft3549 viewsThis alien crashed in his aircraft in New-MexicoDec 01, 2009
aliens twins.jpg
Twin Aliens3744 viewsThese are twin aliens who were captured in 1999 currently in Area 51, for a start they thought they were kid aliens, but up to today, they look the same, no growth!!Dec 01, 2009
china dead.jpg
Dead Alien In China3840 viewsThis Alien died after a fatal crash, his UFO/aircraft lost control and he crashed in China.
he is now a tourist exhibition
Dec 01, 2009
Killed Alien In Mexico4125 viewsThis alien was killed in Mexico after being mistaken for a ghost in 2006.
He had clothes on, meaning he had some human friends that gave him clothes!
He paused no harm, they just killed him.
Dec 01, 2009
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