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World's shortest Man2442 viewsDNA is something funny, you can develop characters from more than 1000 years back which your ancestors had.
This short man has characters of a Non-Known DNA, even though his father and mother are known, it means back in their family they once had a hybrid, and it's genetics became active again in this Man.

He is 28 years old, at a shoe size.
Alien Baby2436 viewsIn the 1940s a lady was abducted by aliens, she told people, no one believed her, then she noticed that she was pregnant, to give birth, she gave birth to a hybrid.
baby hyb.jpg
Hybrid Kid2566 viewsThis is a hybrid baby being kept in area 51 Top secret zone
Half Alien, Half Human2533 viewsThe father of this girl is an alien, the mother is a normal human!
Weired Person3261 viewsIn years we have spent in Alien research, we failed to make a conclusion if this is a hybrid or a sick person, try looking at the side of his head, he has that alien-like engraving. However this could also be a genetic disorder.

Whisch is which, we left this file pending
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