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Since you too exist here; You never know who exists where else!

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Aliens In Uganda


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Alien Bodies


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Alien Aircrafts (UFO)


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Alien Evidence


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A human Skull on Mars5965 пъти видянаHere is a human skull the rover recovered on planet mars as evidence that mars once had life on it.
Alien In Topsecret Religious Connections4165 пъти видянаDear members, for respect of our religions, we will not post details on this picture; just view it, that's it. There is much out there, many will think that this picture is fake, "They are running away from them own selves" That's all!
Alien Creatures That have stayed 1000s of years4094 пъти видянаIf you see much with your own eyes, you will loose meaning of life. This creature has DNA which is older than Human DNA, meaning this creature existed first on earth before we humans existed, the most intriguing part, this creature has Alien-like DNA. Where did the specie of this type of creature originate from 1000s of years back? We all can't tell but it's surly not from around here because all animals on earth have similar earthly DNA structures.
Alien Arrested By American Secret Service4703 пъти видянаIf is believed by some that President JF Kennedy's death was caused by this alien, he wanted to tell America that they had a person from another world. Some militants in the U.S Army tried to stop the president from announcing because of security reasons and interests by some Generals. He insisted, that is why he was killed, he wanted to tell the world the truth, which was the right thing to do but they killed him before he did. In this picture you can see the alien they arrested during Kennedy's days!
part 9_0001.jpg
UFO Spotted At Shell Ntinda 5269 пъти видянаA UFO was spotted flying towards Mukono side around in Ntinda, strecher.
Picture taken by Mugabi Ronald
baby hyb.jpg
Hybrid Kid2566 пъти видянаThis is a hybrid baby being kept in area 51 Top secret zone
Alien dead in Area 514159 пъти видянаThis picture was of an alien who had just died after his UFO/aircraft lost control and hit the ground.

This picture was taken in area 51
Alien skull from Sudan4049 пъти видянаThis alien skull was recovered from Sudan last year
Pyramid On Mars5548 пъти видянаThis is a picture taken by the Rover of a pyramid which is on Mars as evidence that Mars once had people and a civilization.
The amazing part is, even us here on earth we have pyramids, it implies people on Mars had a connection with our earthly civilizations
Adolf Hitler Alive8311 пъти видянаThis picture is FBI certified that it is for Adolf Hitler, his now almost 119 years old but look at him, he looks 65years. Aliens must have installed an Age Proof Implant in him because his looks today don't match his years.
As of now the FBI launched an official haunt to find him. It is believed he had a hand in the Sep-11 attachs in U.S. This man is superior because he deals with aliens and U.S. stands 1% chances out of 100 to arrest him, his advanced! These are facts, not ringtones

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Evidence beyond belief3918 пъти видянаThe technology involved to bend these trees in full growth format, isn't earthly technology. This type of technology we believe is alien technology.

UFOs are common here
11 октомври 2011
Technology never seen before4561 пъти видянаUsing technology never seen before, they took off the face of this goat for reasons beyond our reasoning, however we believe they were interested in it's genetics, and we believe aliens/more advanced people from other planets did this because likely signs of foreign radiation was present around this goat.28 юли 2011
Weired Person3261 пъти видянаIn years we have spent in Alien research, we failed to make a conclusion if this is a hybrid or a sick person, try looking at the side of his head, he has that alien-like engraving. However this could also be a genetic disorder.

Whisch is which, we left this file pending
20 март 2011
Specie Never Seen Before4553 пъти видянаThis alien specie has never been seen here on Earth before or no one had ever described a similar identification that would match this alien.
We had 22 known alien species, now we have 23 known alien species, this one was shot twice in the head from diffrent side,it had done nothing, just because it had diffrent looks. It was killed in a small Island closest to Jameicah
19 юли 2010
Alien Skull in Zimbabwe4105 пъти видянаAnother alien skull was recovered in Zimbabwe, Ladies and gentlemen, we may not be satain how long aliens where on our globe, but today we're dang sure they existed on this planet before us.17 май 2010
Submitted By UIAA Member1776 пъти видянаA UIAA Member took this picture with his phone, something was next to the sun Eclipse which occured on the 5th/Feb/2010, taken from here in Uganda26 април 2010
Adolf hitler With A Real Alien7225 пъти видянаThis is a real picture of adolf Hitler greeting a real Alien. Hitler delt with people from other worlds or planets, believe or not believe, you don't change reality; This is reality ladies and gentlemen.

This picture was donated by an 90 year old German man who was on Hitler's High command. This picture isn't computer alternated, it is real!
17 март 2010
Spark Plug Older Than Time Man Has Spent On Earth4355 пъти видяна Wallace Lane, Virginia Maxey and Mike Mikesell found a rock, among many others, that they thought was a geode - a good addition for their gem shop. Upon cutting it open, however, Mikesell found an object inside that seemed to be made of white porcelain. In the center was a shaft of shiny metal. Experts estimated that it should have taken about 500,000 years for this fossil-encrusted nodule to form, yet the object inside was obviously of sophisticated human manufacture. Further investigation revealed that the porcelain was surround by a hexagonal casing, and an x-ray revealed a tiny spring at one end. Some who have examined the evidence say it looks very much like a modern-day spark plug. How did it get inside a 500,000-year-old rock?03 март 2010
Ufo hits wind Turbine2923 пъти видянаEnd 2009 a UFO hit this wind turbine in UK and it went with one of the blades, this was witnessed by over 800 people in England. Aliens are more real today than ever; it wasn't an accident that they hit this turbine, they must have been interested in the blade material that's why one of the blades was taken by the UFO. This happened in October 2009 and it was all over in the UK news.02 март 2010
Preserved Alien In U.S4439 пъти видянаThe same type of alien specie crashed in China, in 2007 another crashed in Atlantic Ocean, no one knows what caused it's craft to crash, this one looks exactly like the Alien who crashed in China, however this one is in the U.S, they're of the same specie.23 февруари 2010