African Space Research Greatest Moments

The Old Days!
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Members pause on side "B"315 viewsLutakirwa and Haruna55555
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Habib Dhakaaba302 viewsUIAA, ASRP member and our only male first aider55555
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Team Point346 viewsHere you can view some of ASRP's board members standing taller than the horizon55555
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Members carrying Aircraft via Wing475 viewsHere members had lifted the Aircraft using it's wing and it proved to be dependable.
This is a very important test during construction
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UIAA Members sit grip268 viewsHere UIAA Members were learning some astronomy at the aircraft's site, on the same day there was a fundraising event.55555
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Members Visitation in Jan292 viewsHere UIAA Members had come to exhibit the wing which was under construction55555
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Member Ssendri Derick321 viewsMember Derick flying the Aircraft Simulator training as a pilot55555
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Bobi Wine pause by the wing533 viewsBobi steers at the wing ribs of the left wing at the African Skyhawk site.44444
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219 viewsVice President was checking out our machine at Ntinda workshop, the first made African baby Incubator/ NICU.

In this picture the lead engineer was giving H.E a walk through.
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Simon And Kirumira366 viewsFormer member called Simon and Kirumira; men who saw the birth of the African Skyhawk from day one, it is a pleasure having you part of the ASRP family and it is sad that we missed you simon, however we will always keep UIAA/ASRP tradition44444
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Right wing from the rear495 viewsIn this picture you can view the Right wing from the rear when it was still under skinning44444
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Government Officials Look-Out439 viewsIn this picture, Ugandan Government VIPs were looking at the fuselage before it was skinned.44444
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Board Member331 viewsOkello Lawrence, scanning the test flight area44444
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U.S Visitor Signing UIAA Guesbook272 viewsIn this picture a U.S visitor had come to our workshop where the aircraft is being made, it was a pleasure having them come visit the making of African History44444
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Association Commander390 viewsIn this picture the association president was talking to his audience at Radio Simba44444
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Member Lubwama284 viewsmember Lubwama inspecting the African Skyhawk's Wing Ribs44444
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Association President444 viewsThe Association president leaving radio Simba after having a 1hr 27min talk with his audience44444
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Test Flight Pilot363 viewsSkyhawk's test pilot takes a snap shot at the highest peak in the test flight horizon airspace.44444
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UIAA/ASRP Greatest moments233 viewsIn this picture you can see Mahad UIAA best comidian who keeps a smile on the African Space Research Top command and members, it is a blessing having him be part of UIAA/African Space Research Program44444
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Byayesu Sitting on top of the aircraft446 viewsIn this picture Byayesu is sitting on top of the African skyhawk after a year of work33333
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The few, the proud342 viewsMember Tadeo, followed by Kirumira, and lastly Mahad on the right33333
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Elgrand 452 viewsElgrand speeding through Tsavo33333
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Twaha Lugumya218 viewsThe Ugandan made incubator was at Serena Hotel where it won a top award from Uganda National Council of Science and technology, a government body. Twaha Lugumya was part of the technical team which presented this machine33333
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British artillery 183 viewsThis is located outside fort jesus next to the parking lot, Here you can see Christopher Nsamba standing right next to it. It was brought here by the British during the old days33333
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Board Observes Horizo297 viewsIn this picture the team was observing the test flight horizon33333
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Skyhawk Under Construction in May /2010399 viewsMembers planing to carry the aircraft using it's wing to test it's durability and dependability33333
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Skyhawk Under Construction in Jun/2010462 viewsIn this picture you can see the skyhawk still under construction from the rear33333
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