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Bobi Wine pause by the wing547 viewsBobi steers at the wing ribs of the left wing at the African Skyhawk site.
Bobi Wine Escorted By UIAA Crew Off Site482 viewsHere Bobi Wine was being escorted by UIAA Skyhawk team after exhibiting the Aircraft.
UIAA Skyhawk Team Mixed With Pilot Students466 viewsFirebase Crew stand for a pause with the Skyhawk Team
Government Officials Look-Out439 viewsIn this picture, Ugandan Government VIPs were looking at the fuselage before it was skinned.
Firebase Crew stand attention415 viewsFirebase crew stand attentive as the UIAA President explains to them the construction plan for teh Skyhawk
Bobi Wine leaving413 viewsHere Bobi Wine was leaving the African Skyhawk Site in Ntinda after having a tremendus time. By him is UIAA President
Bobi Wine & Crew411 viewsBobi Wine standing with his crew at Site where the skyhawk was being built
Ugandan VIP Official402 viewsPicture Snap taken of VIP visitors standing on the right wing
Bobi and Bucha Man384 viewsFirebase Standanding eye on to the Team building the skyhawk
ASRP Founder345 viewsASRP Founder found in action developing technologies of the African Skyhawk.

In the above picture you can see Ugandan government officials visiting the aircraft
Ugandan VIPs331 viewsIn this picture we have Speaker of Ugandan Parliament RH.Hon Sekandi with other Ugandan Government officials
Ugandan Mps311 viewsIn this picture, Highly honoured Ugandan Government officials had come to visit the African Skyhawk
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