African Space Research Greatest Moments

The Old Days!
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ASRP command shows his guts562 views Max Speed
ASRP founder Chris Nsamba speeding over 180Km/h driving the entire board, while they were being chased by Thugs in Kenya, however Chris won, The same man is to test the African Skyhawk, he is to fly it first
Bobi Wine pause by the wing533 viewsBobi steers at the wing ribs of the left wing at the African Skyhawk site.
Mr. Nsamba509 viewsMr. Chris Nsamba demonstrating the technology on board the African Skyhawk as of November/2010
Chris and Byayesu505 viewsSide "B" of the African Skyhawk entering phase one of smoothening and painting
Skyhawk Rudder under skinning501 viewsIn this picture you can see the African Skyhawk rudder under skinning and in the background you can view the skyhawk from the rear
African Skyhawk Rudder497 viewsIn this picture you can see the African Skyhawk rudder under skinning.
Right wing from the rear495 viewsIn this picture you can view the Right wing from the rear when it was still under skinning
Members carrying Aircraft via Wing475 viewsHere members had lifted the Aircraft using it's wing and it proved to be dependable.
This is a very important test during construction
UIAA Wing In Fuselage469 viewsHere the wing had been fit inside thd fuselage pot
Bobi Wine Escorted By UIAA Crew Off Site468 viewsHere Bobi Wine was being escorted by UIAA Skyhawk team after exhibiting the Aircraft.
Skyhawk Nav Light466 viewsThis is a picture of the African Skyhawk's Nav light.
Skyhawk Under Construction in Jun/2010462 viewsIn this picture you can see the skyhawk still under construction from the rear
UIAA Skyhawk Team Mixed With Pilot Students452 viewsFirebase Crew stand for a pause with the Skyhawk Team
Elgrand 452 viewsElgrand speeding through Tsavo
Byayesu Sitting on top of the aircraft447 viewsIn this picture Byayesu is sitting on top of the African skyhawk after a year of work
Full Canopy445 viewsHere you can see the fibre canopy, all the aircraft's ovals & curves we're to make them out of fibre, pay a close look to how it looks today, after we paint it Titanium Copper/Gold Tinted it will look like an aircraft from SCI-FI, however this will be real!
Association President444 viewsThe Association president leaving radio Simba after having a 1hr 27min talk with his audience
Canopy Non Painted at close range440 viewsThis is Fibre Glass after it was installed on the African Skyhawk's Canopy; it awaits final sanding, spotting and painting. All the ovals came out with accuracy.
Government Officials Look-Out439 viewsIn this picture, Ugandan Government VIPs were looking at the fuselage before it was skinned.
African Skyhawk Rudder424 viewsIn this picture you can see the African Skyhawk rudder under skinning.
Bobi Wine & Crew411 viewsBobi Wine standing with his crew at Site where the skyhawk was being built
Fibre Practice407 viewsIn this picture one of the members was holding fibre glass the technical team had made, practising the ovals and mode of attach.
Canopy System402 viewsThis is the Aircraft system developed by UIAA experts, it opens and closes the canopy for the aircraft.
Ugandan VIP Official402 viewsPicture Snap taken of VIP visitors standing on the right wing
Firebase Crew stand attention401 viewsFirebase crew stand attentive as the UIAA President explains to them the construction plan for teh Skyhawk
Bobi Wine leaving399 viewsHere Bobi Wine was leaving the African Skyhawk Site in Ntinda after having a tremendus time. By him is UIAA President
Skyhawk Under Construction in May /2010399 viewsMembers planing to carry the aircraft using it's wing to test it's durability and dependability
Association Commander390 viewsIn this picture the association president was talking to his audience at Radio Simba
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