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Members Visitation in Jan292 viewsHere UIAA Members had come to exhibit the wing which was under construction
Test Flight Zone180 viewsStalls will be tested at 45000ft in this airspace, we're to aquire flight permissions.
Kyivaeydinda son visits aircraft189 viewsKyivajinja son visiting aircraft,
Test Flight Zone193 viewsIn this picture you can clearly view the proposed test flight airspace or horizon where Chris Nsamba will test the aircraft to the extreme!
Skyhawk Rudder under skinning213 viewsIn this picture you can see the African Skyhawk rudder under skinning and in the background you can view the skyhawk from the rear
NTV229 viewsIn this picture NTV had come to visit and film the first African Made Aircraft, the African Skyhawk.
In this picture you can see some board members, members, and NTV journalists.
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