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Naguru Preparatory School241 viewsThis was the first school to visit the African Skyhaw. It was a pleasure having them come visit our project.
Bright Star Primary Shool Nansana242 viewsIn this picture you can see students from Bright Star Primary/elementry schook having a good time while visiting the African Skyhawk.
Bright Star Primary Shool Nansana203 viewsIn this picture, the students were having a look on the Skyhawk's interior. finishing hasn't been applied at this stage.
Bright Star Primary Shool Nansana196 viewsIn this picture, students were pushing down the Skyhawk's elevators, to see how take off appears on the runway.
Bright Star Primary Shool Nansana226 viewsIn this picture, students of Bright School Nansana were just arriving at the workshop of the African Skyhawk
Omega Secondary/High School Mukono256 viewsStudents had come to visit the African Skyhawk, to have a look at the first African Made aircraft from scratch
Naguru Preparatory School204 viewsNaguru preparatory school visiting the aircraft in the month of Nov/2010
Naguru Preparatory School211 viewsIn this picture Naguru Preparatory School students under the elevator focusing on the emegency backup sensors of the African Skyhawk
Naguru Preparatory School205 viewsIn the above picture Naguru PreparatorySchool students walking around the wing, in this picture you can only view 35% of them.
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