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Byayesu Sitting on top of the aircraft446 viewsIn this picture Byayesu is sitting on top of the African skyhawk after a year of work
Byayesu Isaac317 viewsMr. Byayesu on duty making some final touches on the wing
ASRP Team276 viewsBoard members join hands over the horizon where the African Skyhawk will fly. This is the proposed test flight airspace for the african skyhawk.
Defence Officer 285 viewsThe Defence officer was on duty at Radio Simba while the association president was lecturing his audience.
ASRP Defence295 viewsIn this picture ASRP security officer was at duty while we had a VIP on ground
NBS Television343 viewsIn this picture NBS television had just filed a news report over the first African made aircraft in Ntinda under the African Space Research Program
In the picture, some of UIAA's board members and NBS journalists
Mr. Nsamba509 viewsMr. Chris Nsamba demonstrating the technology on board the African Skyhawk as of November/2010
ASRP Treasurer319 viewsASRP Treasurer welcoming a VIP on ground/ Aircraft workshop
UIAA/ASRP Board Members366 viewsBoard members smoothening the African skyhawk skin
Chris and Byayesu505 viewsSide "B" of the African Skyhawk entering phase one of smoothening and painting
African Space research President342 viewsIn this picture you can see the Association's President pausing a picture with one of his technicians. Mr Byayesu
President's Point283 viewsThis picture was taken when UIAA/ASRP board had gone to survey the proposed aircraft's test flight airspace where stall tests, etc will be conducted.
Team Point346 viewsHere you can view some of ASRP's board members standing taller than the horizon
Association Commander390 viewsIn this picture the association president was talking to his audience at Radio Simba
Association President & Chairman385 viewsIn this picture the association president & chairman where on radio Simba addressing objectives of the African Space research Program on Bifamubwengula program by Mr. Segawa
Team Snap289 viewsReaching this place wasn't that easy, it was a long trip, people's appearance became messed up, however you can view some of the team members pausing for a snap shot with the proposed test airspace in the background
Board Observes Horizo297 viewsIn this picture the team was observing the test flight horizon
Board Member331 viewsOkello Lawrence, scanning the test flight area
Association President444 viewsThe Association president leaving radio Simba after having a 1hr 27min talk with his audience
Test Flight Pilot363 viewsSkyhawk's test pilot takes a snap shot at the highest peak in the test flight horizon airspace.
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