News Item: Shocking news for astronomers
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Sunday 09 July 2017 - 05:15:53

dies and gentlemen, this world we leave in, this world we refer to as earth; looks like our human specie isn’t the first to reside here and neither is it the last, can you believe they have discovered a 13000 year old satellite orbiting earth like these GPS satellites do?
It transmits sounds in a pattern, sounds we just can’t interpret within the reach of humanity. If someone could launch a satellite to space over 13000 years back, surly that wasn’t an earthly man in a specie of you and I. Call them aliens, call them extraterrestrials, bottom line in the boundaries of space, lays superior beings, superior powers, mortals and immortals, why don’t we just acknowledge that, perhaps by understanding the existence of these superior beings, powers, we could climb a step higher in the science of the skies.
As people dealing with space technologies, this means much to us and it surly puts a smile on our faces, we are happy to know that someone, some power, some superior beings are down the street. It is time to say God is God, and perhaps those that believe in the existence of this superior power will be rewarded one day, am not preaching to you, but am telling you the truth,  somewhere lays power which designed us and those superior beings or superior people who are technologically way ahead of us,
if 13000 years back someone could deploy a satellite in our skies, how far is that person today in space sciences? Ladies and gentlemen, this 13000 year old man/alien made satellite crosses over our heads every day, it crosses the horizon, and it is really close to earth. Please watch the video below and see for yourself.
If you can’t view the video, then your computer in missing a flash player
In the picture above, a NASA space shuttle was following this object in space, this object orbits south to north, north to south, not east to west or west to east
"Time To Say Yes"

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