News Item: Aim For The Skies
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Thursday 22 December 2011 - 16:30:20

African Space Research Program is to test a light aircraft which is also in the making at the Ntinda workshop next month. Pictures of this craft will be disclosed to you upon completion. Please note, this isn't the African Skyhawk that is going to be tested, this is another aircraft we have been manufacturing in the background without public awareness that is aiming for the skies next month captained by Chris Nsamba.
This is a very light small aircraft, Skyhawk its self may be tested in the next 90days, it is only funds donated by the President of Uganda causing us a delay on testing the big bird, something to do with the Ugandan state house controller having limited funds currently. However, the good news, we do have another craft ready for the African skies next month fully funded by African Space Research independently; this craft, the Skyler is 85% done as of today.
It has short takeoff of less than 50meters of runway, this isn’t a very fast craft, and it has a maximum speed of 210 Km/h or 130MPH. The major objective of this article is to let you know; At African Space Research Program we’re manufacturing two aircrafts, the well known African Skyhawk that is all over the news and internet, then a classified project, the Skyler, that hasn’t been published in any news media, and we wish to keep it that way until completion, that is why pictures of the Skyler will be posted upon project completion; the Skyler is standby for takeoff Jan/2012. “Buckle your seat belts, Africa aims high early next year, So Help us God” Chris said For those who wish to witness the Skyler takeoff for the Ugandan Skies next month, please click here to book a seat
For those who wish to view this test live online, please make a donation not under $20, we will enable your account to view live test events online, and we will send you time, date, a week prior to events, also those who donate will have a privilege to view a picturer of the Skyler, a craft we're testing shortly next month. To donate, please click here

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