News Item: A Visitor From Far Away
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Sunday 11 December 2011 - 18:47:31

 Visitor from Germany, Second adult in the picture from the right
Raphael flew directly from Germany to specifically visit us at the Ntinda aircraft workshop; someone flying that far to come visit African History is a honor, he is the first visitor we received at ASRP from that far.
We do have folks out there who are appreciative, it is a honor hosting Raphael as a visitor at ASRP, his visit is a great motivation to ASRP’s technicians, they have done a good job. Our visitor will spend Monday/12/2011, entirly with us, Tuesday he is flying back to Germany, we shall surly miss him, In African Space Research Program history, his name stands, he was the first man to visit the African Skyhawk directly from overseas, his name shall stand, we’re gratefull to host him, and hope to see him again one day soon.

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