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Thank you very much Haji Mukasa, men, fathers like him; them words fuel young understanding boys of Uganda motivating us to aim highest.
Thank you Mr.Mukasa, you helped ASRP mold into a man; but most of all, You gave us hope for a tomorrow, today the tomorrow came

What should be our next project to manufacture

A project to monitor & head to space with a rocket

A project to extract acid from acid burnt people

A bed which can oxygen, breath & heart support critically sick people

Technology which can help recover planes at sea able to send beacons for years not month like current blackboxes

A radio telescope able to visualize objects billions of miles away from earth

A Radiotherapy Machine (Like that which broke down in Mulago Hospital)

Start making satellite prototypes for surveillance & communication

Posted by Admin
Votes: 910 Comments: 0
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Yes CEO that is very amazing discovery to those wh [more ...]

[news] Brake Time
Posted by tadeo45 on 14 Mar : 14:52
the sky is the limit.

[poll] Which local media houses should we allow to film the Skyler while it is being tested on Runway, your choice, your say!
Posted by tadeo45 on 27 Feb : 04:55
let all the Tv stations film the skyler because s [more ...]

[news] In Loving memory of Jessy Wamala
Posted by tadeo45 on 20 Feb : 04:34
may he so rest in PEACE.HE IS DEARLY MISSED

[news] Paliamentary Science Comitee
Posted by tadeo45 on 17 Feb : 00:57
The skyler in self

[news] Aim For The Skies
Posted by Admin on 30 Dec : 18:20
Thank you very much Sir for your words of motivati [more ...]

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Aircraft Name:  African Skyhawk 
Estimated Max Weight: 620kg
Estimated Takeoff weight: 1000kg
Estimated Cruise Speed: 320km/h+
Maximum Cruise Distance: 3100km
Maximum Cruise Altitude: 25000ft+
Purpose: Astronomical Research
Fuel Type: 100LL Jet fuel
Number Of Persons On Board: 1 pilot, 1 researcher
Safety Features: Manual Eject system, and sea landing
Wing Specifics: Span: 31ft, Cord: 3.5ft
Estimated Takeoff speed: 120km/h

We would like to thank Mrs. Joan Stewart for her contribution towards Africa, if it wasn’t of her, this project wouldn’t be going on today in Africa, she is a major contributor towards the making of African History; By her fueling  Chris Matovubefore he became CEO of the ASRP, what you see today has become possible on African Soils. 
Thank you very much Mrs. Joan Stewart

In the above picture, tail finishing had been applied, if your to observe the October/2010 pictures, you will clearly see that the tail was very rough.

From the Right, you can view the green Nav light, in the background is the aircraft, with a wing that has already got smooth finishing. PAINTING HASN'T BEEN APPLIED YET.

The above picture consists of the aircraft's front view, with the glass installed.

This sensor is located on the aircraft's wing, it has to do with radar infrared

In this picture, you can view the front side of the aircraft

Picture taken frm right ring to the rear, consisting of the aircraft's tail.

In the above picture you can view the tail from the rear, to the front.

Another closer look of the tail, painting hasn't been applied at this stage.

A closer angle of the front glass

This is the aircraft, picture taken from the right wing.

The above picture was taken from the rear rudder to the front of the aircraft

appreciation kabs 24 Jan : 05:40 Reply to this
Comments: 3

Registered: 08 Nov : 01:39
wow thanx for the work well done

Kalumba Daniel

KALUMBA 24 Jan : 09:06 Reply to this
Comments: 2

Registered: 11 Oct : 06:45
this is going to make the whole team proud and also put Uganda in the lime light.Thank you Chris for the insightful mind.

African Skyhawk Updates Jan/2011 Patrick 25 Jan : 03:08 Reply to this
Comments: 1

Registered: 25 Jan : 02:13
Thax 4 the work done am really impressed with the developments, am so prud of your team plase keep it up.

kimuli p.

shonne 30 Jan : 05:31 Reply to this
Comments: 2

Registered: 27 Jan : 04:16
this is really the biggest achievement for the whole of Africa in special regard to our mother country uganda
thax 4 the best u have done to make it this point
do't give up plse we do play that it so happens to be finished .
Basing on the saying that:
Whoever much strong the wind may be, it will never change the course of the river.
so there may be so challenges u may encounter but plse don't give up.

shonne 30 Jan : 05:34 Reply to this
Comments: 2

Registered: 27 Jan : 04:16
send me the website for space researcher

African Skyhawk Updates Jan/2011 Ronnie 02 Feb : 03:35 Reply to this
Comments: 2

Registered: 02 Jan : 10:38
14 billion pairs of eyes on Uganda just because of the AFRICAN SKY HAWK.

Ronnie 02 Feb : 04:04 Reply to this
Comments: 2

Registered: 02 Jan : 10:38
Uganda is the pearl of Africa and the African Sky Hawk is a pearl itself.
A pearl within a pearl is attractive and thus the pearl flies high.

Chairman chair 14 Feb : 11:36 Reply to this
Comments: 1

Registered: 10 Nov : 13:48
I thank you all who love this project,true in the eyes of all men we can't wait to see the skyhawk in space.lets support it in anyway we can,come visit it

knowledge gracemahad 17 Feb : 08:21 Reply to this
Comments: 9

Registered: 14 Oct : 05:23
with wisdom a house is built,however with understanding it is established.This is for all who love UIAA. Please we go to that place to seek for knowledge,for among many we are wise. but some of you behave like your from where,i do not know.
Please switch off your phones or switch them to silent mode, for a loud ringtone irritates, ateee some of your phones are from dust bins,gabage, kasasiiro. Swtch them off,or else learn from the leaders there.I am not annoyed,am informing you

Propultion System HeathCat 21 Feb : 16:02 Reply to this
Comments: 1

Registered: 21 Feb : 15:56
Perhaps this is an ignorant question, but WHERE DOES THE ENGINE MOUNT!?

African Skyhawk Updates Jan/2011 KASAIJJA 22 Feb : 04:18 Reply to this
Comments: 1

Registered: 22 Feb : 03:51
its agreat start for us

African Skyhawk Updates Jan/2011 ktonny 22 Feb : 05:18 Reply to this
Comments: 1

Registered: 22 Feb : 05:04
GOD bless you as you finish, in may not have money to give because am a student who doesn't work but at least ma prayers are yours

GIVING gracemahad 11 Mar : 03:18 Reply to this
Comments: 9

Registered: 14 Oct : 05:23
The blessings are not in the prayers you have for us MR.Ktonny,the God you pray to is the one that works not your prayers,now give that that is possible with you, do not care about the thousands they have given focus on what you want to give to this project.FOR THEY THAT GIVE IN SORROW THEY REAP IN JOY.the BIGGEST GIVER KNOWN IN THE BIBLE DID NOT GIVE IN MILLIONS,SHE GAVE MITES(BURTONS).SO MR. MAN MAKE UP YOUR MIND TO GIVE

African Skyhawk Updates Jan/2011 derricklilldude 12 May : 07:13 Reply to this
Comments: 5

Registered: 12 Oct : 12:48
It is obvious that we can no more explain a passion to a person who has never experienced it than we can explain light to the blind.

treasure thanks gracemahad 18 May : 11:06 Reply to this
Comments: 9

Registered: 14 Oct : 05:23
boy with the prayers the man of god gave to us

saviour 06 Aug : 16:11 Reply to this
Comments: 3

Registered: 15 Oct : 10:25
this that is being done must inspired by God, great and blessed is every one involved in this............... a big thank you to all who have devoted their time to see this project a success........ wow! THANK YOU GOD for the ever flowing ideas

African Skyhawk Updates Jan/2011 baker.plane 11 Sep : 18:01 Reply to this
Comments: 1

Registered: 11 Sep : 17:14
weldone gentlemen am proud to see this done and made in uganda,thumbs up.

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please Chris am eagerly waiting for the video of the alien
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