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Thank you very much Haji Mukasa, men, fathers like him; them words fuel young understanding boys of Uganda motivating us to aim highest.
Thank you Mr.Mukasa, you helped ASRP mold into a man; but most of all, You gave us hope for a tomorrow, today the tomorrow came

What should be our next project to manufacture

A project to monitor & head to space with a rocket

A project to extract acid from acid burnt people

A bed which can oxygen, breath & heart support critically sick people

Technology which can help recover planes at sea able to send beacons for years not month like current blackboxes

A radio telescope able to visualize objects billions of miles away from earth

A Radiotherapy Machine (Like that which broke down in Mulago Hospital)

Start making satellite prototypes for surveillance & communication

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the sky is the limit.

[poll] Which local media houses should we allow to film the Skyler while it is being tested on Runway, your choice, your say!
Posted by tadeo45 on 27 Feb : 04:55
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[news] In Loving memory of Jessy Wamala
Posted by tadeo45 on 20 Feb : 04:34
may he so rest in PEACE.HE IS DEARLY MISSED

[news] Paliamentary Science Comitee
Posted by tadeo45 on 17 Feb : 00:57
The skyler in self

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Posted by Admin on 30 Dec : 18:20
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Posted by jkizza on 28 Dec : 11:28
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Posted by tadeo45 on 12 Dec : 01:06
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The old days, "Tomorrow Holds More Than Today"


Welcome to the African Space Research Program This is an agency located in Uganda with a core representation in Dallas/Ft which handles all international matters outside Africa. Our association currently has over one thousand members; it is a non profit agency dedicated towards conducting space sciences basing on African soils. In this association we do manufacture space related projects like: satellites, space craft to enable an  African's hand reach further!
We do NOT copy and paste work from other sources, we stand independently, and execute our technologies as an association. 

As of now we have manufactured two projects, one an advanced type of military craft, the second is PROJECT X which will be introduced in 2014 as soon as we get clearance from the Ugandan government. 
At the same time, in our association we're training pilots & astronauts, our association is not certified to license pilots, so after our training they will have to go to a certified pilot school, test & acquire a flying license. For our astronauts, we will certify them our selves, since we're the first association to manufacture space crafts in Africa, within our students we can tell who is ready to thrust beyond the skies! 

Our view of Space Research
It is not about completion, it is about we Earthly residents joining a hand to have a better outreach in our skies. All of us reside on one planet; it is like we are sited on the same boat and getting to understand what surrounds our boat at sea is a major concern for all people on board. In this case, we are all onboard this giant ship referred to as Earth, it is for our own good working together as Earth residents to extend our hands further into space for our own goodness.
To the world, it is shocking for Africa practicing space sciences. However, the first civilization in the world was in Africa, politics, and Earthly human interests caused Africa to lose its ancient civilization superiority; however, we are in a reviving stat to resurrect Africa and it joins its fellow Earthly residents trying to better understand the skies.   To us it is not about competition, it is about we Earth residents setting up a better foundation for our future generations, Many continents are practicing space sciences, however Africa until recent, it was leaving the homework to other  continents; This is like driving a car on 3 wheels, when the forth wheel weight is carried by the 3.
As Africans, we are here to join hands with our fellow brothers and sisters worldwide in order to make miracles happen in Earth’s skies. At African Space Research Programme we are ready to work with anyone, any agency, any company which can best help us advance our projects; we need sponsorship to our projects. We have self sponsored various projects since 2008 as individuals, we need a stronger arm to make better things happen. If deep inside you feel this is your call, please do take that responsibility, any assistance of any format is welcome. 
For well wishers who wish to support financially: 
We accept Paypal
We accept Bank Wire too/TT
Bank Name: Bank Of Africa
Beneficiary Name: African Space Research Program
Branch: Ntinda/Kampala Uganda
Swift Code: AFRIUGKA
Account number: 03573470001
To get videos about our tests, please request them by emailing
Thank You

                     One of our projects, the baby incubator or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit participated in the High Level Science Exhibition in Uganda which took place at Serena and it won the best science award. This is our certificate of participation at this event; we came out with flying victory winning a various Ugandan Universities and private scientists. 
In Uganda, we have built various projects since 2009, however there was a time when we were giving up because no one seemed to appreciate, understand or recognize our efforts in the development of our nation; If it was not of Dr. Diana, this organization, our works would be no more today. She has really encouraged us, let all know that today we stand because of her, today, you are reading our works on this website because of her, how best would we reward her back accept by saying, 

“May The Highest One Honor Her Outstandingly” 
Let All Know this is the greatest Civil Servant we have ever interacted with, and anyone out there who appreciates our contribution towards Uganda, Africa, please do recognize her on our behalf
                MD African Space Research Programme 

Tuesday 11 August 2015

This machine is a Baby incubator or NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)
It was fully manufactured from here in Uganda, technicians got hands off last November, 2014. Since then it has been under testing and awaiting a Presidential way forward. Below are some of the features:
1. Monitors SP02 (Oxygen in baby's blood)
2. Heart Bpm (Heart Beats per min)
3. Shows a pulse graph for the heart
4. Monitors breathing and alarms if baby stops breathing
5. Everything controlled by touch screen monitor
6. Manufactures oxygen from enviroment
7. You can set tempreture between 32, to 38c
8. Humid between 60 to 100%
9. It has a computer controlled anti mosquito system
10. Wireless device which transmits data to a nurse so that they don't have to sit and monitor the machine in one place.
It is a computer which refills water whenever required.
11 machine runs on windows 7 
12 Automatic humidifier 
13 Automatic sanitizer 
This machine has tons of more great features. 
To watch its demonstration video, please click here
This machine has been technically tested; it was manufactured under the "Save Children Campaign" within the African Space Research programme.
We are waiting on H.E. The President for deployment instructions then it starts saving lives immediately;  as you read this, a premature baby has just died somewhere in Uganda. 

POST BY: Admin ON : Tuesday 11 August 2015 - 12:35:30 | comment(s)0 | printer friendly email to someone
Monday 10 August 2015

African Space Research Programme has manufactured various advanced projects since 2009, please download our magazine to explore some of the projects we have manufactured, you will be shocked and surprised what is going on in Uganda/Africa silently.
Click here to download Magazine

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Friday 02 May 2014

This is a project that has functionality of a drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, it can deliver both civilian and military services. It has flight time of about 7hours, the faster you fly, the less flight hours you will attain before demanding a refill. Non radar detectable at close range operations between the ground controller and air radar. It has 2 cameras, customary made autopilot system, GPS instruments and much more. This project was engineered from here in Uganda by the African Space Research Programme. For intellectual reasons we will not magnify its technologies in details ,Just know Uganda has manufactured a flyable drone.
If Uganda needs these gadgets for the well being of our country, then it will be a pleasure  serving our country with more pieces, however on the side of Space Research, we hope to develop  Space drones,  that can reach space then return back to earth. That is our next step which will need to be supported by all well-wishers. In the world as of now, no country owns a space drone,  At African Space Research Programme we hope to be the first to release  the first Space drone in the world.
Special thanks to Chris and his technical team.

POST BY: Admin ON : Friday 02 May 2014 - 04:20:50 | comment(s)0 | printer friendly email to someone
Sunday 09 July 2017


Hiring is in progress at African Space Research Programme, Below are the vacant positions, please submit your CV/Resumes as microsoft office doc or PDF attahments to 

POST BY: Admin ON : Sunday 09 July 2017 - 10:14:00 | comment(s)0 | printer friendly email to someone

dies and gentlemen, this world we leave in, this world we refer to as earth; looks like our human specie isn’t the first to reside here and neither is it the last, can you believe they have discovered a 13000 year old satellite orbiting earth like these GPS satellites do?
It transmits sounds in a pattern, sounds we just can’t interpret within the reach of humanity. If someone could launch a satellite to space over 13000 years back, surly that wasn’t an earthly man in a specie of you and I. Call them aliens, call them extraterrestrials, bottom line in the boundaries of space, lays superior beings, superior powers, mortals and immortals, why don’t we just acknowledge that, perhaps by understanding the existence of these superior beings, powers, we could climb a step higher in the science of the skies.
As people dealing with space technologies, this means much to us and it surly puts a smile on our faces, we are happy to know that someone, some power, some superior beings are down the street. It is time to say God is God, and perhaps those that believe in the existence of this superior power will be rewarded one day, am not preaching to you, but am telling you the truth,  somewhere lays power which designed us and those superior beings or superior people who are technologically way ahead of us,
if 13000 years back someone could deploy a satellite in our skies, how far is that person today in space sciences? Ladies and gentlemen, this 13000 year old man/alien made satellite crosses over our heads every day, it crosses the horizon, and it is really close to earth. Please watch the video below and see for yourself.
If you can’t view the video, then your computer in missing a flash player
In the picture above, a NASA space shuttle was following this object in space, this object orbits south to north, north to south, not east to west or west to east
"Time To Say Yes"

POST BY: Admin ON : Saturday 08 July 2017 - 00:00:00 | comment(s)2 | printer friendly email to someone

For those of you who reside in Uganda, Tanzania, you should realize that recently we have encountered colder days than usual; this is because snow was next door in Kenya. 
It never snows in the equatorial regions; however this has been caused by the sun leaving earth a little far away. The coldness of space cools our planet more without serious intervention from the sun’s heat, and if the sun was to even leave us more behind, oceans, lakes, rivers would freeze and turn into cold deserts just like mars. Implying it would mean the end of life on earth, however let this not worry you, our planet will pick up, it will get closer to the sun not too far from now, however in this season, brace for a really cold season on earth, for those officially in winter, places on the south pole, they will have a seriously cold winter, those in summer will have a cooler summer. 
That is where our debate for global warming comes in, we say global warming is good because it helps fight back the coldness from space.
 With time global warming can be re-cooled by space temperatures surrounding our planet, however a frozen planet cannot be reheated without intervention from the sun’s heat. Yes global warming raises sea levels; however it more guarantees survival of life on earth. Many assume warmth on earth is a right or a normal occurrence; no, warmth is a blessing, and a rare occurrence in space, outer space that surrounds our planet is very cold, and 99.9% of outer space that surrounds various planets is very cold, most planets are frozen, warmth we have here on earth  is a gift, which must be honored and recognized by all of us. 
You should never take it for granted.  Planet mars is a living example, it had oceans, lakes, rivers, all froze into cold deserts and this caused the end to life there. Global warming could be termed a hazrd to earth, but believe it or not, it has advantages to it. 

POST BY: Admin ON : Sunday 09 July 2017 - 04:43:30 | comment(s)0 | printer friendly email to someone
Saturday 24 June 2017

In what is proving to be an incredible new discovery, mummies dating back 1800 – 1900 years old from Nazca, Peru are shedding light on what "other" people resided on earth superior to our human specie. This may simply re-writing what we thought was earth’s true history. Due to the verified age of these specimens, we do know we are not dealing with fakes or a hoax here, it is important to get that fact out of the way quite quickly.Update June 21 7pm EST: We are currently looking into several factors here.
1. Obtaining the carbon dating evidence (scans and x rays already available).
2. Whether GAIA knows more or how authentic this piece truly is.
3. When next opportunity for independent testing is.
4. Further results of early DNA testing. So far it is said to be female based on DNA.

Unearthing  recently information regarding the discovery of these mummified bodies. They have three fingers and it looks unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Gaia has teamed up with a number of researchers and scientists to determine the origins of the specimen.The story came to them from well-known and well-respected investigative journalist Jaime Maussan, who is calling this “one of the most important discoveries of the 21st century.”
Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, said, “we have a very important mission here in Peru. I came here because of this group of scientists, professionals, [and] journalists.” When they brought out the body and “pulled it out of the box, it was a stunned silence at first.”What’s also very intriguing is the fact that it was discovered near the Nazca Lines, a series of huge ancient geoglyphs in Southern Peru’s Nazca Desert. 
Below us now there’s a pair of parallel lines, almost two miles long, arrow straight all the way to vanishing point. And there, off to the right, a series of abstract shapes on a scale so vast – and yet so precisely executed – that it seems inconceivable they could have been the work of men. The people around here say that they were not the work of men, but of demigods, the Viracochas, who also left their fingerprints elsewhere in the Andean region many thousands of years ago.
"However, This Body is not of a person from here on earth"

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POST BY: Admin ON : Saturday 24 June 2017 - 05:02:50 | comment(s)0 | printer friendly email to someone
Wednesday 29 March 2017

alien hand.jpg
Less that two months after the revelation of the discovery in Peru of a tiny humanoid head comes another strange finding that is less humanoid and more alien-like. The hand has only three long fingers – no thumb – and has other strange characteristics which seem unidentified. This is an alien who can no longer give its buddies a high-three! 
peru head.jpg
peru ring.jpg
"Most And Above All, These People Are Not Hostile" They Still Walk Our Forests, Oceans, Skies, Homes; Always Cause No Harm When You See A Different Looking Person/Being Around; It Is A Blessing Instead. 

POST BY: Admin ON : Wednesday 29 March 2017 - 19:42:12 | comment(s)0 | printer friendly email to someone Read the rest...
A Drone the Size of our planet near the sun Admin @ (22 Jan : 18:52) (African Space Research Program)
Chris Nsamba Manufactures First Baby Incubator For Premature In Africa Admin @ (22 Jun : 19:35) (African Space Research Program)
Ugandan Alphabet Admin @ (30 Jun : 04:52) (African Space Research Program)
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