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We have witnessed Mr. President on various occasions when he is a man who loves Science & Technology.  Each scientific project in Uganda that he has set his eyes on, he overwhelmingly became happy. That happiness he displays causes us engineers to forget all the stresses we go through. His happiness calls us to work for another day in Uganda.   Hopefully one day, we too will get our turn for him to see our work; and we share that part of happiness in life.   Thank you for your support Mr. President

Thank you very much Mr.Vice President, Thank you very much Mr.PPS Lutaya Kivumbi, because of them efforts, Uganda is heading to space; We would have failed!

Without him, African Space Research Programme would be nowhere to be seen, he revived us when our heart stopped beating, he helped us acquire a meal, when we needed one, he pushed us forward, when we almost quit. Thank you very much Sir, Thank you very much indeed

Thank you very much Haji Mukasa, men, fathers like him; them words fuel young understanding boys of Uganda motivating us to aim highest.
Thank you Mr.Mukasa, you helped ASRP mold into a man; but most of all, You gave us hope for a tomorrow, today the tomorrow came

Hon. Kafeero Sekitoleko presented us to Uganda’s Parliamentary Floor for the first time, he caused us to gain government’s recognition in Uganda. He understood our motives very well and offered us time, he motivated us that tomorrow holds more than yesterday, Because of him, we stood taller than the tallest in the private technology sector of Uganda. 
Thank you very much honorable.

What is your view of the developed Ugandan Alphabet?

It is good for Uganda

With time it will be good for Africa

It will highly contribute towards our country's meaning of independance

It is best appropriate for use under classified content

It is not of great use in anyway

Posted by Admin
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Thank you very much Ugandan Parliament (Science committee) if it wasn't of you, Civil Aviation Authority was looking forward towards terminating ASRP's space operations in Uganda claiming that "in international laws it is illegal for Uganda manufacturing space related projects" Uganda is reaching space because of you Ladies & Gentlemen. Thanks
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Woooow, wonders and miracles are hobbies of the lo [more ...]

[poll] What is your view if African Space Research Programme conducts its research and project executions jointly with KIU university?
Posted by PROMCOMP on 18 Apr : 15:34

[news] Shocking news for astronomers
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Yes CEO that is very amazing discovery to those wh [more ...]

[news] Brake Time
Posted by tadeo45 on 14 Mar : 14:52
the sky is the limit.

[poll] Which local media houses should we allow to film the Skyler while it is being tested on Runway, your choice, your say!
Posted by tadeo45 on 27 Feb : 04:55
let all the Tv stations film the skyler because s [more ...]

[news] In Loving memory of Jessy Wamala
Posted by tadeo45 on 20 Feb : 04:34
may he so rest in PEACE.HE IS DEARLY MISSED

[news] Paliamentary Science Comitee
Posted by tadeo45 on 17 Feb : 00:57
The skyler in self

[news] Aim For The Skies
Posted by Admin on 30 Dec : 18:20
Thank you very much Sir for your words of motivati [more ...]

[news] Aim For The Skies
Posted by jkizza on 28 Dec : 11:28
We appreciate all the efforts you're putting in to [more ...]

[news] Ball from the skies
Posted by tadeo45 on 23 Dec : 07:37
this is actually very intriguing. but upon further [more ...]

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Link to us


Welcome to the African Space Research Program This is an agency located in Uganda with a core representation in Dallas/Ft which handles all international matters outside Africa. Our association currently has over one thousand members; it is a non profit agency dedicated towards conducting space sciences basing on African soils. In this association we do manufacture space related projects like: satellites, space craft to enable an  African's hand reach further!
We do NOT copy and paste work from other sources, we stand independently, and execute our technologies as an association. 

As of now we have manufactured two projects, one an advanced type of military craft, the second is PROJECT X which will be introduced in 2014 as soon as we get clearance from the Ugandan government. 
At the same time, in our association we're training pilots & astronauts, our association is not certified to license pilots, so after our training they will have to go to a certified pilot school, test & acquire a flying license. For our astronauts, we will certify them our selves, since we're the first association to manufacture space crafts in Africa, within our students we can tell who is ready to thrust beyond the skies! 

Our view of Space Research
It is not about completion, it is about we Earthly residents joining a hand to have a better outreach in our skies. All of us reside on one planet; it is like we are sited on the same boat and getting to understand what surrounds our boat at sea is a major concern for all people on board. In this case, we are all onboard this giant ship referred to as Earth, it is for our own good working together as Earth residents to extend our hands further into space for our own goodness.
To the world, it is shocking for Africa practicing space sciences. However, the first civilization in the world was in Africa, politics, and Earthly human interests caused Africa to lose its ancient civilization superiority; however, we are in a reviving stat to resurrect Africa and it joins its fellow Earthly residents trying to better understand the skies.   To us it is not about competition, it is about we Earth residents setting up a better foundation for our future generations, Many continents are practicing space sciences, however Africa until recent, it was leaving the homework to other  continents; This is like driving a car on 3 wheels, when the forth wheel weight is carried by the 3.
As Africans, we are here to join hands with our fellow brothers and sisters worldwide in order to make miracles happen in Earth’s skies. At African Space Research Programme we are ready to work with anyone, any agency, any company which can best help us advance our projects; we need sponsorship to our projects. We have self sponsored various projects since 2008 as individuals, we need a stronger arm to make better things happen. If deep inside you feel this is your call, please do take that responsibility, any assistance of any format is welcome. 
For well wishers who wish to support financially: 
We accept Paypal
We accept Bank Wire too/TT
Bank Name: Bank Of Africa
Beneficiary Name: African Space Research Program
Branch: Ntinda/Kampala Uganda
Swift Code: AFRIUGKA
Account number: 03573470001
To get videos about our tests, please request them by emailing
Thank You

Tuesday 11 August 2015

This machine is a Baby incubator or NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)
It was fully manufactured from here in Uganda, technicians got hands off last November, 2014. Since then it has been under testing and awaiting a Presidential way forward. Below are some of the features:
1. Monitors SP02 (Oxygen in baby's blood)
2. Heart Bpm (Heart Beats per min)
3. Shows a pulse graph for the heart
4. Monitors breathing and alarms if baby stops breathing
5. Everything controlled by touch screen monitor
6. Manufactures oxygen from enviroment
7. You can set tempreture between 32, to 38c
8. Humid between 60 to 100%
9. It has a computer controlled anti mosquito system
10. Wireless device which transmits data to a nurse so that they don't have to sit and monitor the machine in one place.
It is a computer which refills water whenever required.
11 machine runs on windows 7 
12 Automatic humidifier 
13 Automatic sanitizer 
This machine has tons of more great features. 
To watch its demonstration video, please click here
This machine has been technically tested; it was manufactured under the "Save Children Campaign" within the African Space Research programme.
We are waiting on H.E. The President for deployment instructions then it starts saving lives immediately;  as you read this, a premature baby has just died somewhere in Uganda. 

POST BY: Admin ON : Tuesday 11 August 2015 - 12:35:30 | comment(s)0 | printer friendly email to someone
Monday 10 August 2015

African Space Research Programme "Save A Life Campaign" manufactured a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Uganda to help save lives of premature babies in Uganda, Africa.
Please watch the above video to witness a demonstration video of our machine's features.
Some people refer to these machines as baby incubators.

POST BY: Admin ON : Monday 10 August 2015 - 11:15:14 | comment(s)0 | printer friendly email to someone

African Space Research Programme has manufactured various advanced projects since 2009, please download our magazine to explore some of the projects we have manufactured, you will be shocked and surprised what is going on in Uganda/Africa silently.
Click here to download Magazine

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Friday 02 May 2014

This is a project that has functionality of a drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, it can deliver both civilian and military services. It has flight time of about 7hours, the faster you fly, the less flight hours you will attain before demanding a refill. Non radar detectable at close range operations between the ground controller and air radar. It has 2 cameras, customary made autopilot system, GPS instruments and much more. This project was engineered from here in Uganda by the African Space Research Programme. For intellectual reasons we will not magnify its technologies in details ,Just know Uganda has manufactured a flyable drone.
If Uganda needs these gadgets for the well being of our country, then it will be a pleasure  serving our country with more pieces, however on the side of Space Research, we hope to develop  Space drones,  that can reach space then return back to earth. That is our next step which will need to be supported by all well-wishers. In the world as of now, no country owns a space drone,  At African Space Research Programme we hope to be the first to release  the first Space drone in the world.
Special thanks to Chris and his technical team.

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Sunday 27 September 2015

Archaeologists made a shocking discovery excavating the antique burial site “El Cementerio,” near the Mexican village of Onavas. 25 skulls were unearthed, 13 of which were sharp at the back and did not look completely human and stretched.The pre-Hispanic cemetery was found 1,000 years ago in the northern Mexican state. Out of the 25 unknown individuals unearthed, 17 of them were children and they had no symptoms of trauma or disease marking a cause of death.Brien Foerster, author and expert on stretched skulls, has given a few of the most stunning analysis on the subject. He has established that while a few skulls present clear proof of conscious cranial deformation, there’s a calculation of skulls – those found in Paracus, Peru – which are different and can’t be told by practices of head flattening.
These skulls, he said, have a cranial volume that is 25% larger than typical human skulls (cranial deformation does not increase volume), and which weigh 60% more. Brien Foerster outlines further differences: “they contain two small holes in the back of the skull, perpendicular to the cranial suture present in the parietal plate of the skull.Every normal human skull is composed of 3 major bone plates; the frontal plate, which ends at the upper part of the forehead, and the 2 parietal plates which lie behind this, intersecting the frontal plate making a “T” shape.The holes are thought by Lloyd to be natural; every human jaw has a small hole on either side which is for nerves and blood vessels to exit and feed the tissue there; these 2 holes at the back of the skull may perform the same function for the elongated skull. The other factor is that there is only one parietal plate, where there should be two.”These discoveries are absolutely thrilling, 
yet curiously unreported in media reports and mainstream publications.

POST BY: Admin ON : Sunday 27 September 2015 - 20:49:21 | comment(s)0 | printer friendly email to someone
Monday 14 September 2015

We have worked for a long time me and my partners; Chris, Lawrence, it is time to enjoy what we have earned. Am proud to be a few of the technicians who stood to date. Heading for vacation for a few days, adios!!! Hola at me on facebook if you need me.

POST BY: Admin ON : Monday 14 September 2015 - 13:01:32 | comment(s)1 | printer friendly email to someone
Wednesday 19 August 2015

Previously we deployed a project into Space from Uganda, the major objective of this project was to collect biological dust samples from Space, and to take a Space picture above Uganda. In the picture below you can view:   (If you cannot view the picture below, please visit
1.       The project that headed to the lower space neighborhood 
2.       The parachute that slowed its fall and touch down
3.       The picture it took in space
Space Eyer is/was powered by N2, eyed via GPS, with power worthy a week in Earth time. it was manufactured by us, and it was put to flight mission, it worked 110% perfect. 

It could see into space large objects as far as 2.8 million kilometers away from Earth depending on their size, however it’s flight is terminated as soon as N2 escapes entirely into space. Not only that, it can report back active weather readings worthy days.

"This is the first Ugandan Made Space Probe to secretly surf the skies"


POST BY: Admin ON : Wednesday 19 August 2015 - 08:08:33 | comment(s)0 | printer friendly email to someone
Monday 17 August 2015

Doctor Max.K From Malawi visited the Ugandan Made Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU or Baby incubator), we had a demonstration walkthrough of how the machine functioned and he said job well done, in his statement he said
 “If every government hospital would have only one of these, it would save thousands of human lives, the leading cause of death in Premature babies are non-stable temperatures” 

Thank you very much Doctor for visiting our works, another record has been set at ASRP.

POST BY: Admin ON : Monday 17 August 2015 - 05:01:38 | comment(s)0 | printer friendly email to someone
Tuesday 30 June 2015

African Space Research Programme has released the first Ugandan Alphabet.   All alphabetical letters in the Ugandan alphabet hold meaning reflecting that letter, this alphabet was composed in a duration period of two years by Christopher Nsamba
This alphabet is in use within the African Space Research Programme as you read, and it has been fully copyrighted.   
We look forward towards teaching Ugandans this type of alphabet through the Ugandan Government. Please feel free to share this alphabet, feel free to learn it, you can download a larger picture of our alphabet by clicking below:

POST BY: Admin ON : Tuesday 30 June 2015 - 04:52:31 | comment(s)0 | printer friendly email to someone
Director NASA likes African Space Research Programme Admin @ (21 Apr : 12:03) (African Space Research Program)
Video of African Space Research Programme CEO Flying Admin @ (12 Nov : 18:22) (African Space Research Program)
PUBLIC ANNOUCEMENT Admin @ (30 Sep : 01:47) (African Space Research Program)
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bullet3 gracemahad

the greatest tragedy is not death but to live a life without a purpose, let your life count in this generation, there is a reason you were not born 100 years back, but you came at a time like this to showcase the beauty of that part of heaven God put in you, thanks for the love and the support for A.S.R.P........
bullet3 muggaga1

Yes Mahad you are right!
bullet3 Admin

Thanks Mahad, Brains are better than words, we have survived to date, Sad enough, the taller we grow, the more a group of people try to take us down, instead of setting up rebellions, it would have been better if them too work like we do. Once again, thanks alot Mahad.
bullet3 gracemahad

I wants to say a big thank you to mr. Chris Nsamba for your commitment to the vision and all your efforts thank you so much. And to all the bad talkers,that say nonsense about ASRP this is my message for you "A BIG HEAD WITHOUT BRAINS,IS A BIG BURDEN TO THE SHOULDERS,AND A SMALL HEAD WITH BIG BRAINS IS A BLESSING TO HUMANITY"

Its better to try than to do nothing , action speaks louder than words.

All of you that sticked to the ASRP throught the years, trust me one day you will be glad

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